Cumberland CPS 1500 Single Shaft Shredder (CPS Series) (Discontinued)

Cumberland CPS 1500 Single Shaft Shredder (CPS Series) (Discontinued)

Features of the Cumberland CPS 1500 Single Shaft Shredder (CPS Series)

  • 39" (1000 model) or 56" (1500 model) diameter drum style rotor provides efficient cutting of thick wall pipe
  • Low speed rotor (43 rpm on the 1000 model and 28 rpm on the 1500 model) transmits high cutting torque for processing solid, thick wall, or corrugated pipe
  • The low speed cutting action provides smooth operation when processing the heavy wall or solid pipe and reduces noise levels that typically occur when processing long lengths of heavy material
  • Standard rotor is fabricated using abrasion-resistant steel for long life in high-wear applications
  • 4-edge 1.3" (34mm) reversible cutters with bolt-in replaceable knife seat for easy maintenance
  • Heavy-duty self-aligning outboard mounted bearings that reduce the possibility of material ontamination
  • Feed trough that processes up to 25 foot long full length pipe horizontally. This feed style allows the heavy pipe to be fed at a comfortable height by fork lift or crane without the need of complex tilting mechanisms to feed the shredder
  • The three stage telescoping 20hp hydraulic ram pushes the pipe into the shredder, maintaining pressure to maximize throughput. The laser measurement device on the ram records the exact position of the ram at each step of the process
  • Dual drive motors provide even distribution of horse power along the rotor, maximizing the ransmission of torque through the heavy-duty gearbox system

Cumberland CPS 1500 Single Shaft Shredder (CPS Series)

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Description of the Cumberland CPS 1500 Single Shaft Shredder (CPS Series)

Specialized shredding and size reduction is necessary when pipes are the primary material handled. With substances like UPVC, PP, PE and openings as large as 47", it can be a serious challenge to shred rejects and leftovers without also taking steps to precut them. This is not efficient in the least and Cumberland has created the CPS Series of single shaft shredders to meet this highly specific set of needs. The largest in the series is the Cumberland CPS 1500 Single Shaft Shredder, which can tackle up to 25" of pipe in a single event, which can handle piping up to the full 47" in diameter thanks to its massive 253" x 51" opening. The machine uses a drum style rotor to get through even the thickest pipe walls and relies on 206 cutters to do the work. These are 4-edge reversible cutters made of durable steel and are abrasion resistant for many years of long life. Materials enter the Cumberland CPS 1500 Single Shaft Shredder through its feed trough that can be manually or fork fed thanks to is comfortable access height. A three step, 20HP, hydraulic ram continually presses the pipe into the cutting chamber. This keeps it in contact with the rotor cutters and the two 74HP drive motors mounted at each end of the shaft ensure that even cutting torque is applied.

The ram also has a laser gauge that tracks the exact position of the pipe and helps to get optimized shredding results. The rotor turns at 28RPM to deliver smooth and accurate processing and all of these features allow larger pipes or even bundles of small pipes to be handled quickly and efficiently. The Cumberland CPS 1500 Single Shaft Shredder is easy to maintain as well thanks to the heavy duty double bearings mounted to the exterior of the machine (helping to distribute power, but also prevent contamination), the easy to replace cutters mounted into the rotor, and the fabrication of the durable rotor shaft as well. If you need to manage long lengths of piping, and to handle a diversity of weights or materials, this system is a good choice. It is a simple and streamlined machine that self regulates thanks to the many onboard technologies, and yet it can handle the job with a minimum of noise and with tremendous accuracy and consistency.

Line Drawings CPS 1500 Single Shaft Shredder

Manufacturer Name Cumberland
Rotor Diameter 56" (1430mm)
Model # CPS1500
Weight 25 tons
Shipping Weight 25.0000
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