Cumberland CMS 1500 Medium Duty Single Shaft Shredder (CMS Series) (Di

Cumberland CMS 1500 Medium Duty Single Shaft Shredder (CMS Series) (Discontinued)

Features of the Cumberland CMS 1500 Medium Duty Single Shaft Shredder (CMS Series)

  • 18" diameter (15" on the CMS 850 model) drum style rotor provides efficient cutting of various processscrap
  • Low speed rotor (102 rpm) transmits high cutting torque for tough applications
  • The low speed cutting action reduces noise levels
  • Standard rotor is fabricated using abrasion resistant steel for long life in high wear applications
  • 4 edge 1.3" (34mm) reversible cutters with bolt in replaceable knife seat for easy maintenance
  • "Swing style" hydraulic ram along with the tangential cutting chamber design allows material to maintain contact with the rotor on both cycles of the ram
  • "Swing style" ram enables reduced footprint
  • Two speed 7.5hp (5hp on the 850) ram hydraulic system maximizes pressure while shredding that
  • changes to high speed while not contacting material
  • Heavy duty self aligning outboard mounted bearings that reduce the possibility of material contamination
  • Multiple doors for easy access during cleaning and maintenance

Cumberland CMS 850 Medium Duty Single Shaft Shredder (CMS Series)


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Description of the Cumberland CMS 1500 Medium Duty Single Shaft Shredder (CMS Series)

The Cumberland CMS Series of medium duty shredders are designed to provide a small footprint unit with optimal performance. The four models in the series are capable of handling an impressive diversity of materials that range from wood industry scrap to heavier purgings from injection and extrusion molding processes. The machines can also tackle paper and cardboard waste, baled and loose films, and even heavier wall parts and rejects.The Cumberland CMS 1500 Medium Duty Single Shaft Shredder is one of the two larger models in the series, offering an amply sized hopper opening of 55" x 61". This is equipped with the innovative "swing" ram that uses a 7.5HP motor to keep all of the materials in contact with the rotor and bed cutters. The tangential design of the unit supports this system, allowing the entire series to use much smaller footprints even while achieving optimal results. The hopper and ram feed materials into the cutting chamber where the low speed rotor delivers high cutting torque. Spinning at only 102 RPM, this quiet system uses 102 D2 cutters on the 18" drum rotor and 10 D2 cutters on the four-edge bed knives. The internal structures are made from durable and high wear steel. The bed knives are reversible and replaceable for easier upkeep and cost effectiveness. The system is operated by the 100HP motor and supported by the heavy duty, self-aligning double bearings mounted on the outside of the unit. This keeps the system balanced and also prevents any risks of grease contamination.

While the Cumberland CMS 1500 Medium Duty Single Shaft Shredder is most certainly a very capable unit to "stand alone" for processing demanding materials, it can be easily paired with an inline granulator. This is an approach that can effectively reduce one to four inch materials to 1/8" to 1/2" granulate. Depending entirely on the screens used, the partnership can often bump up a granulator's performance to the 150% mark. These units are also easy to maintain thanks to their smaller sizes and strategically positioned service doors. These make it easy to clean and clear the machines, or to simply perform basic maintenance procedures. If you need to handle some challenging or demanding reclamation or shredding procedures, the Cumberland CMS 1500 Medium Duty Single Shaft Shredder is a capable and effective machine. It will cut energy costs, operate quietly and deliver uniform results.

1200-2000 Medium Duty Single Shaft Shredder Drawings and Diagrams

Manufacturer Name Cumberland
Horsepower 100HP (75kW)
Rotor Diameter 15" (457mm)
Model # CMS1500
Weight 17,640lbs (8000kg)
Shipping Weight 17640.0000
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