Cumberland CMS 1200 Medium Duty Single Shaft Shredder (CMS Series)

Cumberland CMS 1200 Medium Duty Single Shaft Shredder (CMS Series)

Features of the Cumberland CMS 1200 Medium Duty Single Shaft Shredder (CMS Series)

  • 18" diameter (15" on the CMS 850 model) drum style rotor provides efficient cutting of various processscrap
  • Low speed rotor (102 rpm) transmits high cutting torque for tough applications
  • The low speed cutting action reduces noise levels
  • Standard rotor is fabricated using abrasion resistant steel for long life in high wear applications
  • 4 edge 1.3" (34mm) reversible cutters with bolt in replaceable knife seat for easy maintenance
  • "Swing style" hydraulic ram along with the tangential cutting chamber design allows material to maintain contact with the rotor on both cycles of the ram
  • "Swing style" ram enables reduced footprint
  • Two speed 7.5hp (5hp on the 850) ram hydraulic system maximizes pressure while shredding that
  • changes to high speed while not contacting material
  • Heavy duty self aligning outboard mounted bearings that reduce the possibility of material contamination
  • Multiple doors for easy access during cleaning and maintenance

Cumberland CMS 850 Medium Duty Single Shaft Shredder (CMS Series)

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Description of the Cumberland CMS 1200 Medium Duty Single Shaft Shredder (CMS Series)

Combining ruggedness with simplicity, the Cumberland CMS Series of medium duty shredders can provide a complete solution. It does not matter if you must process heavy films, baled materials, injection or extrusion molded parts, or even wood industry scraps of all kinds, these units are capable of breaking them down into the sizes needed. The Cumberland CMS 1200 Medium Duty Single Shaft Shredder is one of the smallest of the four units in the series and has a fairly ample hopper opening of 44" x 61". The actual cutting chamber is 31.5" x 39" in size and uses the shingle shaft rotor (18" in diameter) to tackle the processing. It works at a low speed to deliver higher cutting torque and relies on its 81 D2 rotor cutters and its 8 D2 bed knives to process materials accordingly. The 75HP motor also comes into play, but it all begins with the impressive hydraulic "swing" ram. This uses its own 7.5HP motor and effectively pushes materials into the cutting chamber, forcing them to remain in contact with the cutters without topping. The maximized pressure exerted ensures that even bouncing or difficult materials are quickly processed in the chamber. The unit also has a heavy duty, outboard mounted, self-aligning double bearing system. This helps to keep the rotor operating smoothly and prevents any contamination of the materials being shredded.

Because of the power of the Cumberland CMS 1200 Medium Duty Single Shaft Shredder, it can easily stand alone to provide a processor with all that is needed. However, many partner it with a granulator to get optimal results. The shredder can accept feed stocks of one to four inches, process them and send them into an inline granulator. This usually allows the granulator to operate at 150% of the anticipated capacity. Even as a single unit, the Cumberland CMS 1200 Medium Duty Single Shaft Shredder is a reliable and consistent producer. It has a remarkably small footprint thanks to the hydraulic ram used to ensure optimal feed and cutter contact. As one of the quietest performers thanks to the low RPMs used to turn the rotor, the CMS 1200 can work on its own to optimally process some of the most challenging materials. It is easy to maintain due to the various doors and easily accessed rotor and knife seats. The Cumberland CMS 1200 will deliver excellent results and can be a good solution for many applications.

1200-2000 Medium Duty Single Shaft Shredder Drawings and Diagrams

Manufacturer Name Cumberland
Horsepower 75HP (55kW)
Rotor Diameter 18" (457mm)
Model # CMS1200
Weight 14,333lbs (6500kg)
Shipping Weight 6500.0000
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