Cumberland 62 Single Shaft Shredder (75 HP)

Cumberland 62 Single Shaft Shredder (75 HP)

Features of the 62 Single Shaft Shredder

  • Infeed opening: 63" x 80" (1600mm x2032mm)
  • Low speed / high torque design
  • Touch pad monitoring and control
  • Easy accessibility
  • Tramp metal protection
  • Low RPM / Low noise
  • Large infeed hopper
  • Severe duty construction
  • 4-way, indexable cutting inserts
  • High output “torsion point" cutting rotor
  • Precision hydraulic “process ram"
  • ISO 9001 manufactured
  • Rugged hydraulics
  • Stress-free frame
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty on cutting rotor
  • Oversized drivetrain
  • Heavy outboard spherical roller bearings
  • Fluid “TurboCoupling"
  • PLC control panel
  • 0.015" knife gap
  • Easy access screen

The impressive Cumberland 62 Single Shaft Shredder (75 HP) processes films, extruder waste, synthetic fiber, wood processing scrap, paper, cardboard, and even carpeting with ease.

SKU: NDSSS62-75H ISBN: 9358476089083
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Description of the Cumberland 62 Single Shaft Shredder (75 HP)

There are many materials that require industrial strength processing, including plastic waste. Cumberland has long been known as a reliable name in the world of size reduction equipment for industrial processors, but their single shaft shredders can handle much more than plastic. The Cumberland 62 Single Shaft Shredder with a 75 HP motor is capable of films and extruder waste, but it can also handle synthetic fiber, wood processing scrap, paper, cardboard, and even carpeting. This single shaft shredder is a very large and impressive unit. It is built on a stress free frame that is surrounded by heavy braces, side walls, and reinforcements. This ensures that the oversized drive train, the fluid turbo coupling, and the outboard roller bearings can perform as required. It also ensures that the high output torsion point rotor works as needed too.

The unit uses a massive infeed hopper of 62" x 80", and the hydraulic process ram ensures that all materials are fed into the rotor accordingly. The rotors use low speed and obtain high torque that ensures optimal processing. These rotors feature four way cutting inserts that force materials against the anvil and its counter knife plate. This creates precision processing, and the hydraulic pump can guarantee that most loads are processed with ease. It is this pump that powers the cooling system and which can detect any shock loads. As soon as this unit recognizes signs of trouble, it begins running the oversized cooling equipment meant to ensure that the motor and components are not damaged. There is a shutdown switch as well should a load be too difficult.

The Cumberland 62 Single Shaft Shredder with a 75 HP motor is clearly designed for optimized performance under many different loads. Even with the gear box rated to crush stone and the heavy duty motor, the unit can be upgraded to get more predictable or accurate results. There are options for different rotors, a larger drive train, and special controls and screens, among others. If you require reliable performance, the Cumberland 62 single shaft shredder is a good solution. It is designed to operate reliably for many years. It will demand very little maintenance or down time, and yet the Cumberland 62 single shaft shredder can also process some of the most challenging materials available.


  • Optional control brands
  • Quick disconnect and quick clean screens
  • Application specific programming and control integration
  • Multiple rotor configurations
  • Special purpose screens
  • Critical-duty drivetrain
  • High speed ram
  • Wear resistant cutting chamber
  • Turn-key recycling and reclamation systems and material handling products installation

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Manufacturer Name Cumberland
Horsepower 75 HP
Model # SS62-75H
Warranty N/A
Shipping Weight 0.0000
Shipping Height N/A
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