Cumberland 42 Single Shaft Shredder (40 HP)

Cumberland 42 Single Shaft Shredder (40 HP)

Features of Single Shaft Shredder

  • Infeed opening: 42" x 48" (1067mm x 1219mm)
  • Low speed / high torque design
  • Touch pad monitoring and control
  • Easy accessibility
  • Tramp metal protection
  • Low RPM / Low noise
  • Large infeed hopper
  • Severe duty construction
  • 4-way, indexable cutting inserts
  • High output “torsion point" cutting rotor
  • Precision hydraulic “process ram"
  • ISO 9001 manufactured
  • Rugged hydraulics
  • Stress-free frame
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty on cutting rotor
  • Oversized drivetrain
  • Heavy outboard spherical roller bearings
  • Fluid “TurboCoupling"
  • PLC control panel
  • 0.015" knife gap
  • Easy access screen

The Cumberland 42 Single Shaft Shredder (40 HP) features a 42" x 48" infeed, 42" chamber, and heavy duty rotor, and handles "severe" loads such as carpeting, plastics of all kinds, wood processing scrap, purgings, and more.

SKU: NDSSS42-40H ISBN: 9358476064844
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Description of the Cumberland 42 Single Shaft Shredder (40 HP)

Cumberland is a name known in the world of size reduction gear, and it makes an impressive line of single shaft shredders available for those with pretty demanding loads. The Cumberland 42 Single Shaft Shredder with a 40 HP drive is a fine example of this line and it provides a massive infeed with a substantial chamber that is capable of tackling carpeting, plastics of all kinds, wood processing scrap, purgings, and more. The 42" x 48" infeed feeds materials into a 42" chamber, which has a heavy duty rotor that can handle "severe" loads. The rotor is equipped with four way cutting inserts that come up against the counter cutting knife blade. This ensures that all materials are processed thoroughly. The rotor also spins at a low speed to provide the most torque, which processes materials to the best degree possible. This low speed operation also means that the entire machine runs very quietly. The infeed also has a hydraulic process ram that actually pins or holds the materials against the rotor and beneath the protective shelf over the cylinders. This eliminates risks of damage and also forces the materials to enter the machine and keep heading towards the discharge.

The Cumberland 42 single shaft shredder also has a special hydraulic pump that recognizes "shock" loads that are challenging for the unit to handle. It will automatically protect the unit from overheating or unnecessary strain by enabling a special cooking unit to operate and minimize damage. Clearly, the Cumberland 42 single shaft shredder is designed to deliver strong and reliable performance and low maintenance or down time demands. It also features sturdy construction with heavy side walls and framing meant to give additional support to the drive train. This is important to note because although the Cumberland 42 single shaft shredder is recommended as an ideal resource for those processing plastics, it does have a gear box capable of crushing stone. Even with such power, the Cumberland 42 Single Shaft Shredder with a 40 HP drive can benefit from the use of inline granulators or other size reduction support if specific results are essential. This unit is designed for those who have heavy demands, need specific results, and who would like to avoid down time and too many maintenance demands.


  • Optional control brands
  • Quick disconnect and quick clean screens
  • Application specific programming and control integration
  • Multiple rotor configurations
  • Special purpose screens
  • Critical-duty drivetrain
  • High speed ram
  • Wear resistant cutting chamber
  • Turn-key recycling and reclamation systems and material handling products installation

 Line Drawings for Single Shaft Shredders

Manufacturer Name Cumberland
Horsepower 40 HP
Model # SS42-40H
Warranty N/A
Shipping Weight 0.0000
Shipping Height N/A
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