Cumberland 40" x 30" Triple Shaft Shredder (80 HP Hydraulic) (Discontinued) Shaft Shredders Cumberland

Cumberland 40

Cumberland 40" x 30" Triple Shaft Shredder (80 HP Hydraulic) (Discontinued)

  • SKU: NDSTS40X30-80H

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Features of Cumberland 40" x 30" Triple Shaft Shredder (80 HP Hydraulic)

  • Through-tempered cutters for low maintenance and long life
  • Contoured self-cleaning cutting chamber to reduce material buildup
  • Hexagonal shaft design to produce greater cutter torque
  • Oil bath gear lubrication for low maintenance
Cumberland's Industrial Shredders are available in Double or Triple Shaft models. Featuring through-tempered cutters for low maintenance and long life, these shredders also offer a contoured, self-cleaning cutting chamber that reduces material buildup.

Description of the Cumberland 40 x 30 Triple Shaft Shredder (80 HP Hydraulic)

There is always a need to handle waste materials, and many different manufacturing and production processes generate a huge volume of them. This can make it challenging to find a simple solution for size reduction, and Cumberland has created their industrial shredders to provide a very reliable answer. These units rely on electric or hydraulic motors along with very intelligent design to handle a huge number of materials. From the standard industrial plastic waste to such challenging materials as steel drums, pallets, and bales of film, these machines can handle them all. The Cumberland 40 x 30 Triple Shaft Shredder with an 80 HP hydraulic motor is a good solution in a relatively compact size. It features the usual sturdy framing and durable housing, and puts reliable hydraulics to work to handle many different loads and materials.

The large infeed hopper is fitted with the hexagonal shafts that create optimal and substantial torque with every turn. They use through-tempered cutters to provide durable performance, and they are so strong that they deliver many years of service without a lot of maintenance. The shafts are housed inside of the contoured cutting chamber, and this too is part of the processing system. The chamber's unique shape allows the unit to operate almost as a self-cleaning model because materials are forced through the chamber and towards the discharge areas without any buildup or jamming.

Should challenging loads become a problem, the Cumberland 40 x 30 Triple Shaft Shredder offers a failsafe oil bath gear lubrication system that keeps the motor and unit running fluidly, and prevents overheating from causing any lasting harm to the system. The Cumberland 40 x 30 Triple Shaft Shredder is a good single source for primary or secondary processing of materials in need of size reduction, but it can be partnered with additional systems to help with granulation, sorting, and more. It will integrate with conveyors at the infeed or discharge and easily become part of a multi-step process. The Cumberland 40 x 30 Triple Shaft Shredder is a reliable and efficient solution for those who must handle plastic and other more challenging materials. If size reduction is part of your manufacturing or production process, this machine can become a reliable and efficient resource.

Manufacturer Name Cumberland
Horsepower 80HP Hydraulic
Model # TS40X30-80E
Warranty N/A
Shipping Weight 0.0000
Shipping Height N/A
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