Cumberland 32 Single Shaft Shredder (20 HP)

Cumberland 32 Single Shaft Shredder (20 HP)

Features of the Cumberland 32 Single Shaft Shredder (20 HP)

  • Infeed opening: 32" x 40" (813mm x 1016mm)
  • Low speed / high torque design
  • Touch pad monitoring and control
  • Easy accessibility
  • Tramp metal protection
  • Low RPM / Low noise
  • Large infeed hopper
  • Severe duty construction
  • 4-way, indexable cutting inserts
  • High output “torsion point" cutting rotor
  • Precision hydraulic “process ram"
  • ISO 9001 manufactured
  • Rugged hydraulics
  • Stress-free frame
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty on cutting rotor
  • Oversized drivetrain
  • Heavy outboard spherical roller bearings
  • Fluid “TurboCoupling"
  • PLC control panel
  • 0.015" knife gap
  • Easy access screen

Cumberland 32 Single Shaft Shredder (20 HP)

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Description of the Cumberland 32 Single Shaft Shredder (20 HP)

As a recognized name in the size reduction industry, it is no surprise that Cumberland offers a series of Single Shaft Shredders that can best be described as true workhorses. They can manage some of the most challenging processing demands, including recycling and reclamation of large extruder purgings, carpet, paper waste, cardboard, baled and loose films, wood industry scrap, and more. The Cumberland 32 Single Shaft Shredder with the 20 HP drive is one of the smaller units in the series and comes fully loaded with the many impressive features and functions. It has a 32" x 40" infeed opening that uses a special hydraulic process ram to deliver materials beyond the hinged cover and into the specialized cutting chamber. What's impressive about the Cumberland 32 Single Shaft Shredder is that the chamber can be set up as needed, but will always be fully equipped with the 4-way cutting inserts, and driven at low speeds to ensure the highest cutting torque. The infeed and cutting chamber design ensures that the Cumberland 32 Single Shaft Shredder runs as quietly as possible too.

This machine uses "severe duty construction" that includes an oversized gearbox (rated to crush rock), an oversized drive train, heavy side walls and reinforcement, a hydraulic pump package that can react to high shock loads, and a variety of screens meant to handle the discharge of any sort of materials. It can serve as a primary processing unit and yet is also available with a long list of options and upgrades. The Cumberland 32 Single Shaft Shredder with the 20 HP drive can be equipped with quick disconnect features, unique controls, varied and multiple rotor configurations, specialized screens, a higher speed ram at the infeed, special coating to make the cutting chamber wear resistant, critical duty drive trains, and more. This makes the Cumberland 32 single shaft shredder a great solution for those who need flexibility and who want to be able to easily maintain and access a heavy duty shredder. The many panels and access points on this unit, the intelligent and flexible design, the durable and rugged gear, and the impressive capacities of a single shaft system, make this an ideal choice for those involved in the reclamation, processing, or recycling of plastics and other heavy duty materials.


  • Optional control brands
  • Quick disconnect and quick clean screens
  • Application specific programming and control integration
  • Multiple rotor configurations
  • Special purpose screens
  • Critical-duty drivetrain
  • High speed ram
  • Wear resistant cutting chamber
  • Turn-key recycling and reclamation systems and material handling products installation

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Manufacturer Name Cumberland
Horsepower 20 HP
Model # SS32-20H
Warranty N/A
Shipping Weight 0.0000
Shipping Height N/A
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