Ameri-Shred AMS-10000 Strip Cut Industrial Shredder

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Product code: AMS10000SC

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Features of the Ameri-Shred AMS-10000 Strip Cut Industrial Shredder

  • 30" wide throat opening
  • 4 shred width available: 1/2", 5/8", 1" or 1-1/2"
  • Throughput: 500-1000 sheets per pass
  • 203.5" L with feed table
  • Speed: 120 fpm
  • Extra large feed table
  • Optional metal detector and sorting conveyor
  • Extra large feed table included
  • Quality engineering, design and manufacturing
  • Automatic shut down
  • Shred 4.0 to 7.5 tons of paper per hour
  • Dimensions: 166.5"_x009d_ L x 88"_x009d_ W x 62"_x009d_ H
  • Weight: 10,000 lbs.

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Description of the Ameri-Shred AMS-10000 Strip Cut Industrial Shredder

The Ameri-Shred AMS-10000 is the most productive industrial shredder in the "Series 4"_x009d_ lineup. If you couldn't tell from it's squared off "Spartan"_x009d_ appearance, this machine was built for high input fast output shredding. Because it's an Ameri-shred, you know it's built to be extremely tough. Ameri-Shred engineering is known for it's simple and ultra reliable shredding platforms, even in continuous duty applications. The "Series 4"_x009d_ is a favorite choice for ultra high production bulk reduction environments such as professional off-site shredding services or large corporations.

As a strip-cut configuration, the AMS-10000 reaches it's top speed and throughput potential reaching an incredible 6-7 tons of destruction per hour. This means it will shred just about as fast as you can feed it. As a testament to it's productivity, to feed the shredder, many customers choose auto lifting carts and even forklifts in order to keep up with the shredder's speed. One of our favorite aspects of this machine is the generous 30"_x009d_ wide in-feed conveyor. One of the best applications for this wide conveyor is messy stacks of paper, but this machine can do way more than simply paper. Ameri-Shred famously markets the AMS-10000 and other models as being able to easily all kinds of materials, so no need to be finicky about what goes in. Plastics, thick cardboard, metal sheeting, even 2x4s and other building materials are no match for this American made cutting head.

As one of Ameri-Shred's flagship industrial shredders, we know this machine is built for speed, but speed means nothing without consistency. As a company that readily supports it's products with a staff of field technicians all over the country, we've learned to identify machines that cause as little stoppages and hassle to the customer as possible. The Amerishred model 10000 has reports of tens of thousands of hours of shredding before any adjustments are needed. This is the type of reliability that has made Ameri-Shred renowned in the shredding services industry. When there does come time for a technician's assistance, Whitaker Brothers' service techs have reported many good marks, including easy-to-reach access panels for faster, no-nonsense maintenance.

Is a super tough proven shredding machine not enough for you? The AMS10000 comes with a full complement of add-ons to improve the performance further. Cart lifters and tippers are one of the most popular additions to this model. They help by taking the strain of transporting tons of material by hand and can be directly interfaced with the front of the shredder. Conveyors and balers are another popular addition. Conveying systems are used for both the front and the back of the machine, but most popular for the rear section for clearing out the shredded materials. Speaking of the back of the machine, be sure to ask us about our custom baler configurations. Balers are a must for many who wish to reap the reward of their shredding by recycling their waste. Other popular additions include metering systems that are both in-ground and above-ground configurations.

Interested in a high capacity Ameri-Shred system? Be sure to ask one of our specialists for a hand. We have some of the most experienced shredder experts in the world, and can recommend the right model for the job. No application is too large or complex for our shredder engineers!

* Please note, capacity varies with grain, size, quality & paper weight and sufficient power supply.
** Please use actual HP as a specification for determining value. Use of Peak HP is for comparison purposes only where other than Actual HP is used.

Manufacturer Name Ameri-Shred
Throat Size/Feed Opening 30"
Shred Speed 120 fpm
Shred Size 1/2", 5/8", 1" or 1-1/2"
Security Level P-2
Cut Type Strip Cut
Sheet Capacity 4.0 - 4.8 t/h (1/2"); 5.0 - 6.0 t/h (5/8"); 6.0 - 7.0 t/h (1"); 6.2 - 7.5 t/h (1-1/2")
NSA Evaluated N/A
Shreds Credit Cards? Yes
Shreds Paper Clips? Yes
Shreds Staples? Yes
Peak HP 100 HP**
Horsepower 100 HP
Disclosures Capacity varies with grain, size, quality & paper weight and sufficient power supply.
** Please use actual HP as a specification for determining value. Use of Peak HP is for comparison purposes only where other than Actual HP is used.
Continuous Motor Yes
Model # AMS10000SC
Weight 10,000 lbs.
Height 62"
Width 88"
Depth 166.5" (203.5" w/ feed table)
Voltage 208, 230 or 460 volt
Shipping Weight 10000.0000
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