Datastroyer® DCS 600F Office Disintegrator

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NSA Evaluated to meet NSA requirements for the destruction of optical media, paper and keytape to NSA/CSS specification 02-02 for High Security Disintegrators, 04-02 for Optical Media (CDs & DVDs), and 04-01 (keytape).

Basic Specs of the DCS600F

  • 3 rotor/2 bed knives
  • 55 gallon residue collection capacity
  • Throughput of 100 lbs/hr (or 3,500 CDs/DVDs per hour
  • 3/32" screen
  • Shredder opening 9.5"
  • Media slot opening 1.5" x 6"
  • Motor: 2 HP Actual4 HP Peak**
  • 220V/1 phase/50-60Hz
  • Dimensions: 42 1/2"H x 48"W x 28"D
  • Weight: 699 lbs

Features of the Datastroyer DCS 600F

  • Media feed slot for destruction of: CDs, DVDs, keytape, credit cards, memory sticks, ID cards, cassettes, floppy disks, microfilm, etc.
  • Dual phase operation with paper shredder for preshred capability
  • One-Micron Filter System for return-to-room air filtration.
  • Optional Feed Rate Meter for maximum operational capacity
  • Optional Whitaker XtracteR
  • Residue collection viewport
  • Preshredding capability
  • Includes Heavy Duty Fan Cyclone

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Video of the Datastroyer DCS 600F

Description of the Datastroyer DCS 600F Office Disintegrator

The Datastroyer DCS 600F disintegrator offers dual phase operation with a paper shredder for preshred capability. Feed your papers into the 9.5" feed opening and watch as they are shred then disintegrated. Thanks to the convenient, 1.5" x 6" media slot, the Datastroyer DCS-600F disintegrator is capable of obliterating CDs, DVDs, credit cards, cassettes, keytape, ID cards, microfilm, floppy disks, memory sticks, and more. The heavy duty 5 knife design, 3 rotor and 2 bed, successfully destroys up to 100 lbs. per hour or 3,500 CDs/DVDs per hour. As the Datastroyer 600F is NSA Evaluated to Meet or Exceed NSA/CSS Specification 02-02 (Level 6) for paper, 04-01 for Keytape, and 04-02 for Optical Media (CDs/DVDs), it will meet high security standards with a 3/32" screen. While the DCS 600F comes with a 2 HP motor, the machine peaks at 4 HP. Another exclusive feature is the One-Micron Filter System, which allows for return-to-room airfiltration and no dust infiltration. The DCS 600F comes equipped with a convenient feed rate meter, which measures workload and indicates capacity levels to alert you to potential overfeeding. With the optional Whitaker XtracteR, users do not have to worry about removing metal clips as this manual punch is able to remove them.

While this disintegrator weighs close to 700 lbs and offers 42 1/2"H x 48"W x 28"D dimensions, relocating this machine is no problem. Mounted on durable, swivel casters, the Datastroyer DCS 600F is easy to move around your office or work environment. The heavy duty fan cyclone system collects residue and offers a 55 gallon waste capacity. As an added bonus, the DCS 600 features a residue collection viewpoint, allowing you to know when your collection system reaches full capacity. If you are looking for the ultimate, heavy-duty, high security office disintegrator, then the Datastroyer DCS-600 is the right fit.

Manufacturer Name Datastroyer by Whitaker Brothers
Feed Opening/Throat Size 9 1/2" (Shredder) 1.5" x 6" (Media Slot)
Number of Knives 5
Standard Evacuation System Heavy Duty Fan Cyclone, Whitaker XtracteR
NSA Approved Yes
NSA Throughput 100 lbs/hour
Load Rate Meter Yes
Available Screen Sizes/Particle Size 3/32", and larger
Security Level Up to level 6
Max Throughput 3,500 CDs or DVDs/hour
Horsepower 2 HP Actual/ 4HP Peak
Manufacturer Part Number WHI DCS 600F
Model # DCS600
Weight 699 lbs.
Height 42 1/2"
Width 48"
Depth 28"
Voltage 220 V; other voltages available
Shipping Weight 699.0000
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