HSM HL 1615

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Product code: HSMHL1615

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Basic Specs of the HSM HL 1615

  • Pressing power: 150kN
  • Hourly bale output: 4-7
  • Voltage: 400V
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Hardened chrome-plated piston rod
  • Safety locks for loading flaps

Description of the HSM HL 1615

The HSM HL 1615 can crush paper, large cardboard boxes, plastic foils, paint cans, light metal barrels (up to 55 gallons) and much more. Unlike the 12 Gigant and 8 TE, the sturdy HL 1615 is a stationary baler designed to handle the heaviest loads. Its two loading flaps double as an oversize feeding opening, freeing users from the chore of manually tearing apart large pieces. Like other HSM balers, the HL 1615 is made to last, with features including a chrome-plated piston rod and hydraulic counterplate for reliable and smooth performance. Continuous polyester tape allows for manual bale strapping, available in a 3 and 4 fold. The press ram completely pushes out the entire bale in one swift move. Built with the user in mind, the HL 1615 has lateral protective grating and a safety lock for the loading flaps to prevent injury.

Manufacturer Name HSM
Model # HL 1615
Weight 3968
Height 78.35"
Width 43.3"
Depth 178"
Voltage 3 x 400 V

Shipping Weight 0.0000
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