HSM FP 3000 Barrel Press

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Product code: HSM-FP-3000

UPC code:4026631026413

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Basic Specs of the HSM FP 3000 Barrel Press

  • Membrane keypad with LED for operator safety
  • Automatic return stroke saves time, overheads and personnel costs
  • Press ram with spikes for opening the barrels and collector tray for residual liquid
  • Enclosed on all sides with inspection window for safety and dust reduction

The HSM FP 3000 is the perfect machine for efficiently pressing light metal and rolled hoop barrels. It is a durable machine that comes with many features that enable easy usability, reliability, and power to meet any pressing need. It includes a low height and small footprint for easier access and for better storage. It features a press ram with spikes for opening the barrels and a tray for collecting residual liquid. The HSM FP 3000's automatic return stroke saves time, overheads and personnel costs as well.

The HSM FP 3000's power and usability combined with added safety makes this a top barrel pressing machine. Enclosed on all sides is an inspection window and dust reduction to to ensure safety. It also includes a membrane keypad with LED lights for operator safety and efficient pressing. This machine is low-maintenance and provides durable electrohydraulics that prove the HSM FP 3000 is a machine that will last. An explosion protected model, the EX II G cb IIB T3, is available on request. The HSM FP 3000 has a massive pressing power of 27.5 tons, making it a great machine for users in need of durability and strength.

Manufacturer Name HSM
Shipping Weight 1.0000
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