Triumph 4350 Automatic Paper Cutter

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  • Triumph Model 4350 Cabinet (pictured)    +626.00
  • Triumph Model 4350 Stand   +229.00

  • Capabilities

    • Cutting Height: 1½"
    • Cutting Width: 16-7/8" 
    • Cut Type: Automatic

    Features of the 4350 Triumph Cutter

    • Length behind blade (narrow cut): 1 3/8" inches
    • Cutting length behind blade: 17" inches
    • Table length in front of blade: 9 inches
    • Solingen steel knife
    • Automatic blade and clamp drive
    • Automatic clamp
    • Adjustable blade guides and steel blade carrier
    • Spindle-guided back gauge
    • Lighted cutting line
    • Comprehensive "SCS" safety package
    • All-metal construction
    • Optional stand or cabinet

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    Video of the 4350 Triumph Paper Cutter

    Description of the Ideal Triumph 4350 Automatic Cutter

    The Triumph 4350 paper cutter is a heavy-duty, tabletop machine that is efficient in high production environments. Cutting is easy with the bright, LED optical cut line that displays exactly where you are cutting. This large cutting machine offers ample room both in front of and behind the blade to support cutting many different paper sizes. The electric blade drive provides a smooth and quick cut every time. The strong, Solingen steel cutting blades can handle up to 1 ½ inch paper. These cutting blades can be easily changed without removing the cover. Worried that your paper may become damaged during the cutting process? The automatic clamp eases your worries by firmly securing your paper stack to avoid ripping or shifting while cutting. The back gauge is spindle-guided, so you can re-adjust it for every different cutting project. Verify your positioning is accurate thanks to the digital display suitably located on the front of the cutter.

    The Triumph 4350, like all MBM cutters, is proven to be extremely safe. Equipped with the comprehensive "SCS" safety package, it includes an electronically controlled, transparent safety shield, safety switch and lock, and disc brake for immediate blade stop. Operating this Triumph cutter requires both hands, which prevents them from being near the blade when you are cutting your paper. One of the safest, well-built paper cutters, the Ideal Triumph 4350 could be a great asset to your workplace.

    • Fully automatic, so cutting is almost effortless.
    • You truly get your money's worth; has capability to process a high volume and be used for a long time.
    • Extremely safe; "SCS" safety features include a patented safety drive, blade automatically returns to start position after every cut, 2-handed operation keeps your hands far from blade while machine is in use, and more.

    Q: Triumph cutter 4350, do sell just the cabinet or the stand? Thanks in advance for you answer.
    A: We sell both the cabinet OR the stand. We find the cutter works just fine on any sturdy table - just be warned that its a little heavy so a $20 flimsy card table isn't going to cut it. But we do offer the cabinet and the stand for customers that need it.
    Manufacturer Name MBM
    Max Cutting Width 16 7/8''
    Cutting Height 1 1/2''
    Cutting Mode Automatic/Electric
    Cutting Length Behind Blade 17"
    Cutting Length in Front of Blade 9''
    Clamp Type Automatic
    Horsepower 3/5
    Optical Cutting Line Yes
    Blade Construction Solingen steel
    Back Gauge Adjustment Manual
    Safety Mechanism Safety shields; disc brake
    Readout Digital
    Model # 4350
    Weight 191 lbs.
    Height 14 1/8''
    Width 25 1/4''
    Depth 34 1/4''
    Voltage 115 Volts; other voltages available
    Shipping Weight 200.0000
    Shipping Width 34
    Shipping Length 30
    Shipping Height 18
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