Granutec TFG 1632 Tangential Feed Granulator

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Product code: GRATFG1632

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Basic Specs of the Granutec TFG 1632 Tangential Feed Granulator

  • Push button control for easy service and maintenance
  • Tilt-back hopper
  • Soundproofed hopper
  • Double-cross scissor cutting action
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Lifting rails
  • Reversible screens
  • Meets OSHA electrical/safety standards
  • Wide range of accessories and customizable features

Description of the Granutec TFG 1632 Tangential Feed Granulator

The biggest model in Granutec’s TFG line, the TFG 1632 has the highest throughput as well. Destroy materials at a rate of 2000 lbs per hour without any pre-cutting or expensive pits and platforms for feeding. The tilting hopper and screen cradle are mechanically/electrically interlocked via time delay safety bolts to maximize user safety. The tilt-back feature allows users to easily access the cutting chamber, knives, and screens for fast and simple service/maintenance. Like the other TFG models, the TFG 1632 comes standard with heavy-duty, welded steel parts and a double-wall constructed hopper that soundproofs (90-95 dBa). The Tangential feed cutting chamber is specially designed to direct scrap into the rotor’s downstroke and double-cross scissor cutting action, while reducing flyback and bouncing feedstock. The TFG 1632 is a high quality tangential granulator, perfect for post-consumer goods, engineered plastics, and more.

For smaller throughputs and throat sizes, check out the TFG 1616 and TFG 1624. All TFG models meet OSHA Electrical and Safety standards. Select from the wide array of optional features for a customized granulator. Contact Whitaker Brothers today for more information.

Manufacturer Name Granutec
Max Throughput 2000 lbs/hr
Feed Opening/Throat Size 16" x 32"
Rotor Open type
Rotor Knives 3 or 5 pieces
Model # TFG1632
Voltage 230/460V
Shipping Weight 4000.0000