Granutec TFG 2530 Central Granulator (2500 Series)

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Product code: GRATFG2530

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Basic Specs of the Granutec TFG 2530 Central Granulator (2500 Series)

  • Push button control for easy service and maintenance
  • Double-cross scissor cutting action
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Reversible screens
  • Time delay safety mechanism
  • Emergency stop button
  • Large feed throat opening
  • Wide range of accessories and customizable features

Description of the Granutec TFG 2530 Central Granulator (2500 Series)

The TFG 2530 Granulator is a large central granulator ideal for bulky formed or blow molded parts and small purgings. The fully automated system includes pushbutton controls for easy maintenance. Electrical-mechanical power actuators open and close the hinged front feed hopper and screen cradle for complete access to the cutting chamber, knives, and lift-out screens. Part of its heavy duty construction, the rotor, cutting chamber, and screen cradle are made of welded steel. A rugged outboard pillow block bearer eliminates the contamination of plastics. Inside the cutting chamber, material is pulled into the rotor’s downstroke and then the double-scissor cutting action. The downstroke reduces flyback and bouncing feedstock. The cutting action involves high shear rotor knives counter-angled to reversible bed knives to make uniform cuts while material is spread along the length of the rotor knife to minimize knife impact and noise levels. A time delay safety mechanism and emergency STOP button are standard features for operator safety. The TFG 2530 has a slightly larger throat size than the TFG 2030, but has the same throughput of 2500 lbs per hour.

For different throat sizes and throughputs, check out the 2000 series (TFG 2030 & TFG 2048) and the larger 2500 model, the TFG 2548. Granutec also offers a wide range of options for a customized experience. Contact Whitaker Brothers today for more information and purchasing inquiries.

Manufacturer Name Granutec
Max Throughput 2500 lbs/hr
Feed Opening/Throat Size 25" x 30"
Rotor Open type
Rotor Knives 3 or 5 pieces
Model # TFG2530
Voltage 230/460V
Shipping Weight 7500.0000