Granutec Auger-Matic 810HD Granulator

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Product code: GRA810HD

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Basic Specs of the Granutec Auger-Matic 810HD Granulator

  • Double scissor cutting action
  • Positive feed/continuous operation
  • Compact design
  • Fast/easy maintenance
  • Cutting chamber cover
  • Quiet operation
  • Meets OSHA electrical/safety standards
  • Wide range of accessories and customizable features
  • Throughput: 175 lbs/hr

Description of the Granutec Auger-Matic 810HD Granulator

The Granutec Auger-Matic 810HD is a tangential feed granulator for production and maintenance industries. Although it has the same throughput as the 810AM (175 lbs per hour), the 810HD is equipped with a larger throat opening, stronger motors, and a bigger auger diameter. Like the other Auger-Matic models, the 810HD is equipped with 3 rotor and 2 bed knives, made of D-2 hi-carbon/hi-chrome tool steel that work in double scissor cutting action for precise cutting. The continuous operation design means the cutting chamber and auger entry can accommodate continuous granulation without having to worry about jamming or wrapping. Even servicing and maintenance is easy. Just open the cove and swing down the screen cradle to clean, maintain, or replace, without the need for under-the-press removal. Conveniently place the 810HD under molding machines to save space and time. Specially engineered for quiet operation, the 810HD operates at 85 dbA or less, quieter than other granulators even without a sound enclosure. For a smaller throat size or a larger throughput, check out the 810AM and 1012AM.

The Auger-Matic line offers a wide range of optional features and accessory equipment for custom engineering. All Auger-Matic models fit standard screen sizes (¼”, 5/16”, and ?”) and meet OSHA electrical/safety standards. Contact a Whitaker Brothers representative today for more information.

Manufacturer Name Granutec
Max Throughput 175 lbs/hr
Feed Opening/Throat Size 8" x 10"
Rotor Knives 3 knives
Screen 1/4", 5/16", 3/8"
Model # 810HD
Shipping Weight 600.0000