Quality engineering, consistency, and efficiency. These are just some of the numerous features that describe our vast line of industrial granulators. Whether your job involves recycling, scrap reclaim, or bulk reduction, our vast granulator selection opens you to numerous models constructed to fit your application. Designed with practicality in mind, these granulators offer easy accessibility and maintenance, and guarantee user safety and minimal downtime. These advanced systems offer incredible power and consistent results, making them perfect for those with extensive reduction requirements. High-quality, solid steel knives power through thousands of pounds per hour, and throughput can be altered with a simple screen change. While there are too many uses to list for these high-class machines, granulators provide the best service for a cost effective price. Here at Whitaker Brothers, our knowledgeable product specialists and skilled technical support team can offer insight cultivated from over 65 years of experience. Allow us an opportunity to assist you in choosing the right model for your destruction requirements today!

Whitaker Brothers offers many different solutions to data destruction. Some of the most reliable and trusted granulators come from Cumberland.


Clean Room Granulators
  • These models are GMP ready with a dust elimination design to meet clean room standards. Featuring a special dual flap in-feed for complete dust containment and improved mobility
the-Press Granulators
  • This granulator is perfect for excess press scrap as it has unique dimensions for easy integration and an inline system that fits to existing press systems. Auger and thermoform models are available.

Thermoform Granulators
  • These are in-line solutions to processing thermoform scrap. Featuring a compact design, these are ideal for under-the-press feeding and special applications.

Tangential Granulators

  • Featuring a special bed knife design, these are perfect for reclaiming large, bulky parts including blow moldings. This machine minimizes bouncing of materials in the cutting chamber and has easy accessibility for service and maintenance.
Beside-the-Press Granulators
  • These granulators not only have a small footprint, but they also accommodate hand, robot or conveyer operation. This makes them ideal for processing injection moldings and smaller parts.

Central Granulators
  • These machines are designed for processing heavier loads as they are made by heavy-duty construction. Plus they feature sound absorbing materials for reduced noise.



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