Formax FD 6102 Folder Inserter (Discontinued)


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Product code: BESFD6102

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The FD 6102 Folder Inserter has been replaced by the FD 6104 Folder Inserter

Features of the 6102 Formax Paper Inserter

  • Speed of 1,360 pieces/hour
  • Duty cycle: 5,000 pieces/month
  • 2 fully automatic sheet feeders
  • 1 automatic insert/BRE feeder
  • Fully automatic adjustments
  • 15 programmable fold applications
  • Color touchscreen control panel with easy setup and operation
  • Clamshell design
  • Folds and inserts up to 14" length paper
  • Double document detection
  • Resettable counter provides accurate count of processed forms
  • Seal and non-seal capabilities
  • Fold types: Letter, Half, Double Parallel & No Fold

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Video of the Formax FD 6102 Folder Inserter

Description of the Formax FD 6102 Folder Inserter

Replacing the Formax 6100, the brand new Formax FD 6102 inserter guarantees your business will save time and money thanks to its fully-automatic features. This tabletop inserter features three feed hoppers. The two, automatic sheet feeders guarantee efficiency for every mailing project. Simply insert your stacks of paper into the feeders, press a button, and watch as the 6102 automatically processes your documents. No need to return multiple times to refill one sheet feeder. When one feeder empties, the second automatically begins feeding your paper. Each feeder holds about 100 sheets at a time. On whole, the Formax FD 6102 handles 1,360 pieces per hour, with a recommended duty cycle of approximately 5,000 pieces per month. This quality envelope stuffer also offers a BRE (Business Reply Envelope) feeder, which automatically inserts a business reply envelope into your pieces. Instead of worrying about manually adjusting your settings to fit each project, the Formax 6102 automatically configures the appropriate settings.

The Formax 6102 features a color touchscreen control panel with user-friendly, step-by-step setup guides. For recurring or frequent jobs, this inserter is capable of storing up to 15 jobs into memory, allowing swift processing of jobs at the push of a button. The flexible Formax 6102 folds and inserts documents up to 14" in length, including checks, invoices, newsletters, and of course BRE's. In one swift motion, the semi-automatic mode folds up to 5 stapled or non-stapled sheets of 20# paper. Project integrity is ensured thanks to the 6102's double document detection. Its clamshell design provides easy access to the paper path. Finished pieces empty out into an adjustable catch tray which neatly stacks envelopes or folded documents. Weighing only 82 lbs., this compact folder-inserter can be easily relocated and conveniently fits on your desktop or in your office copy room. Its quiet operation ensures little disturbance throughout your office. As a new and improved version of the 6100, the affordable Formax FD 6102 is sure to become overwhelmingly popular for any business.

Q: Can this machine stuff checks that need to be folded? Do you have a smaller capacity machine - we only do 1500-2000 checks a month?
A: The Formax FD6102 is perfect for inserting checks, in fact I would say that's our most common application. This is the least expensive inserter in our catalog, and also our best seller.

Q: Can the inserter/ folder do a "Z" type fold?
A: The Formax FD6102 is only capable of a "C" fold, also known as a letter fold on 8.5" x 11" paper. Very rarely is this a stopping point, or a singular reason to graduate to the 6204 series. The only real important part is that the name and address appear in the window of the envelope (when applicable). The orientation of the fold is usually superfluous.

Q: Do you have a maintenance agreement and how much is it? Also, do you need a bottom folding envelope?
A: You can get a maintenance agreement on the Formax FD6102 and it will be administered by local technicians. The price depends on your location so please call us at 1800-243-9226 and ask to speak with a sales representative. The FD6102 is capable of running a bottom flap envelope without any problem. We always test samples of your envelopes prior to selling a folder-inserter! That way before it arrives at your facility, you have a written guarantee that it'll work.

Q: How loud is the machine, If I have it on the desk next to me will it bother everyone else on the floor?
A: I'd put the noise on par with a printer/copier, which is why most people put this in their copy rooms. You won't want to have a phone conversation while it's running in your cubicle but it shouldn't interrupt anyone else around you. Nothing compares to the noise of people complaining when they have to fold/insert envelopes by hand though! That could be why we have never gotten any noise complaints with this unit.

Q: Hi there, could you please advise whether this device works with pre-glued envelopes (we currently use the Croxley 'easi-seal' window envelopes for our invoices).
A: This equipment works ideally with #10, diagonal seam, commercial flap envelopes. It will not work with self-seal envelopes, you just want envelopes with glue that activates when it's moistened. If you need help locating the perfect envelope we're happy to help.

Q: Does the Formax FD6102 machine have the capability of adjusting the tri-fold on the top 3rd of the paper and also the bottom 3rd of the paper?
A: There is very limited flexibility for fold adjustments on the FD6102. I hesitate to answer your question without seeing an example of exactly what you want done to the paper, but the capability does exist. We always test samples of your jobs before selling one of these products so you'll know if it will work before it ever arrives at your door.

Q: Can this stuff two pieces of paper into a single envelope?
A: Yes it can! The maximum this system can insert running in fully-automatic mode is two sheets and a business return envelope. If you're willing to run it in semi-automatic mode then it'll take all the way up to five sheets of paper into a single envelope.

Manufacturer Name Formax
Fold Types Letter, Half, Double Parallel & No Fold
Speed 1,360 pieces/hour
Feed Tray Capacity Up to 100
Accepted Envelope Sizes 8.8” - 9.5” W x 4.1” - 6.5” H
Accepted Paper Sizes 5.6” - 8.9’’ W x 7” - 14” L
Accepted Paper Weights 18 - 30 lbs
Duty Cycle 5,000
Envelope Feed Hopper Capacity Up to 100
Programmable Presets 15
Model # FD 6102
Compare with: Neopost SI-30, Haslet M1000, FP FPI500, Pitney Bowes DI200, Secap SI1000
Weight 82
Height 22''
Width 17"
Depth 26"
Voltage 120 Volts; other voltages available

Shipping Weight 105.0000
Shipping Length 24
Shipping Width 30
Shipping Height 27
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Average rating:
(Based on 13 vote(s))
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Allstate Insurance New Mexico From USA
Four stars but a fantastic buy
March 25, 2016
Don't let me four star rating fool you I am very glad I purchased this. Formerly my five person office had "insert day" where we would all stop working at 2pm and do all of the stuffing for the month. Everyone hated it!

Whitaker Brothers sent somebody out to program my machine and teach us how to use it. I think I might have died without that help. Because setting this up all alone could have been a very difficult task! I deduct one star because I don't like the way it has to hang off of the side of a table to work. But I also couldn't live my life without having this machine so I'm overall very happy.
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Lonrid Country Club From USA
July 17, 2014
This bugger will burp on me from time to time, and the learning curve after setup was a solid 30 minutes, but at the end of the day you just can't live without it. Above all else the machine works and that matters because otherwise I'm hand inserting 1,000 pcs per week. With employees being paid $15/hr our ROI on this is less than one year.
2 of 2 people found this review helpful
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8580geo From USA
January 22, 2014
It's funny how we thought we didn't need an inserter. I practically had to stake my reputation on the time and effort this machine would save us. Then we get it and people are passively greatfull. Then when it breaks down there are torches and pitchforks outside my office. I'll take that as a compliment! As far as the machine is concerned it's a little sensitive... It works great for months at a time then needs adjustments done by a technician now and then to keep the jam frequency down. Overall a great investment though.
2 of 2 people found this review helpful
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DEfirealarms From USA
October 10, 2013
Arrived one day later than estimated and we had to do the ENTIRE MAILING JOB BY HAND. Machine works great now but it would have been nice if it arrived on the date we needed it.
1 of 8 people found this review helpful
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GALCCommission From USA
As Advertised
August 16, 2013
This stuffer manages my payroll about 2,000 checks every month and probably saves me hours of manual labor by doing so. Kyle walked me through the forms testing process to make sure this machine would work on our checks and envelopes. I was happy that the machine came programmed but I lament that attempting to program a custom job took a couple hours and a phone call to Whitaker Brothers for help.
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
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Talbot Center From USA
Very effective!
April 4, 2013
This machine replaced about 25 employee hours per month and paid for itself within the first year. It jams sometimes, and it needs to be run in the closet so that we can still talk on the phones in our small office, but it's worlds better than hand inserting.

We tried to set this up on our own but had some trouble. At no charge we had a technician dispatched to preform setup and training. Very nice touch! Thank you for everything.
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Bubby From USA
Soft Cap Capabilities
February 19, 2013
I ran into a similar problem as another reviewer and eventually we had to completely cut it off. My section's small mailing of 1,000 pieces was no problem at all for the first year of ownership until we started being asked to machine on behalf of two other sections at a total of 11,000 pieces per month. We had a service call in January where the technician just said you're running this thing too hard. Anything more than 5,000 pieces per month apparently causes more wear and tear on this machine than it was designed for.

Since the service call, and since I told the other sections of the company to go buy their own, we haven't had a single problem. Works as advertised, if perhaps a little noisy.
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
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Wish I bought more
January 2, 2013
This machine did everything I asked of it but apparently theres a limit to the number of peices it can run per month. We started out with just 3k per month but then other sections of the company discovered it and now we're hitting 10k per month which is way beyond what this thing is supposed to do. Because of overuse its starting to need service more often then we expected. Ill give it five stars tho because thats our fault not the machine fault.
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