Datastroyer® 102-DG Disk Erasing Wand Degausser (DISCONTINUED)

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This product is no longer available. Check out the comparable Proton 1100 Wand Degausser.

***NSA Evaluated and Approved for Secure Erasure of Hard Drives. This degausser is approved for both longitudinal and perpendicular media storage destruction

Basic Specs of the 102 DG Degausser

  • Destruction type: magnetic degaussing (all magnetic media)
  • Must remove platter from hard drive prior to degaussing for NSA Evaluated Media Storage Destruction
  • Typical peak flux: 8,000+ gauss
  • Dimensions: 7" L x 1 1/2" W x 1/4" D
  • Weight: 2 lbs.

Video of the Datastroyer 102 DG Wand Degausser

Description of the Datastroyer 102 DG

An economical and compact solution to meet NSA approved secure erasure of data, the Datatroyer 102-DG is a handheld data erasing device which produces an intense, continuous 4-pole magnetic field. The Datastroyer 102-DG is capable of the unrecoverable erasure of data from disk packs, hard drives (platters removed), floppy disks, magnetic storage devices, bubble memory chips, and thin film modules. Small, but powerful, the Datastoryer 102-DG wand easily fits into a desk drawer yet has a magnetic coercivity of 5,000 Oe. The Datastroyer 102-DG wand comes stored in a steel case, lined in velvet, to ensure safe storage and transport of the device. As well, the case serves as a barrier to prevent the unintended erasure of data when the wand comes into close proximity with magnetic data devices. The wand's magnetic forces will not weaken with age or continued use, serving as a longtime alternative for data erasure.

Q: Does this degausser have manufacturer certifcation/testing requirements? I may have requirements to test periodically - what are my options? I would be using this to degauss hard drives.
A: There is no universal degausser re-certification requirement as of yet. However we do understand that certain government agencies and their contractors do uniquely require degausser re-certification as a voluntarily layer of additional security. We are fully capable of re-certifying all of the degaussers we sell. Our methods will change with the requirements of our customers, but our current favorite is sending you a hard drive, having you degauss it, and sending it back to us to test the results. Provided it passes we can issue you a re-certification letter. This is just one method we use to re-certify. That is subject to change as the government and it's contractors evolve in their requirements.
Manufacturer Name Datastroyer by Whitaker Brothers
Erasure Capabilities Hard drive platters, floppy disks, magnetic storage drums
Magnetic Flux Density 12,000 (maximum flux)
Model # 102-DG
Weight 2 lbs.
Height 7''
Depth 1/4''
Width 1 1/2''
Shipping Weight 3.0000
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