Cumberland 42 Single Shaft Shredder (30 HP)

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Product code: NDSSS42-30H

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Features of Single Shaft Shredder

  • Infeed opening: 42" x 48" (1067mm x 1219mm)
  • Low speed / high torque design
  • Touch pad monitoring and control
  • Easy accessibility
  • Tramp metal protection
  • Low RPM / Low noise
  • Large infeed hopper
  • Severe duty construction
  • 4-way, indexable cutting inserts
  • High output “torsion point" cutting rotor
  • Precision hydraulic “process ram"
  • ISO 9001 manufactured
  • Rugged hydraulics
  • Stress-free frame
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty on cutting rotor
  • Oversized drivetrain
  • Heavy outboard spherical roller bearings
  • Fluid “TurboCoupling"
  • PLC control panel
  • 0.015" knife gap
  • Easy access screen

Description of the Cumberland 42 Single Shaft Shredder (30 HP)

Although the Cumberland 42 Single Shaft Shredder with a 30 HP drive is readily identified with the processing, reclamation, and size reduction of most plastics (including heavy duty materials), it is also a unit that is capable of much more. As an industrial duty machine, it can handle films, cardboard, wood processing scrap, carpet, paper, and much more. The Cumberland 42 single shaft shredder can tackle this range of materials thanks to its excellent design and features. This single shaft shredder has an enormous infeed measuring 42" x 48", which feeds materials safely and efficiently into the 42" chamber. The infeed uses a hydraulic process ram to hold or position materials consistently against the rotor, and this guarantees that everything moves towards the discharge. Things are made even more certain by the use of the shelf that blocks the cylinders and prevents any damage from occurring.

The chamber uses a heavy duty rotor that is rated for "severe" loads or work. This is equipped with four way cutting inserts that come up against a counter cutting knife plate that guarantees optimized reduction. This area is driven by a low speed and high torque process that also ensures specific results, even as the low speed provides fairly quiet operation of the unit. The Cumberland 42 single shaft shredder also uses a hydraulic pump that is designed to respond to any high shock loads. This means that any instances when the pump recognizes too much strain on the drive, it triggers a cooling system that prevents any unnecessary strain or heating to any part of the entire unit. What this tells us is that the machine is designed for optimal performance but also for a long life with low maintenance and repair. The use of heavy duty materials for the construction of the Cumberland 42 single shaft shredder also shows that durability and long usage are guaranteed.

Because the unit is recommended for plastics it often comes as a surprise that its gear box is rated to crush stone. Even so, it may not get materials in the condition that is required by the processor, and so the Cumberland 42 single shaft shredder can be equipped with various size reduction tools. This machine is meant for those who have high demands and heavy loads to process. It will perform at peak levels for many years and make few demands for clearing, maintenance or down time.


  • Optional control brands
  • Quick disconnect and quick clean screens
  • Application specific programming and control integration
  • Multiple rotor configurations
  • Special purpose screens
  • Critical-duty drivetrain
  • High speed ram
  • Wear resistant cutting chamber
  • Turn-key recycling and reclamation systems and material handling products installation

 Line Drawings for Single Shaft Shredders

Manufacturer Name Cumberland
Horsepower 30 HP
Model # SS42-30H
Warranty N/A
Shipping Weight 0.0000
Shipping Height N/A
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