Collection: Under The Press Granulators

Cumberland’s Under-the-press granulators are designed specifically for reclamation of skeletal web and thinner materials. Both auger and thermoform models are available. These inline systems fit perfectly into your already existing press system.

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The low profile design allows for easy integration for under-the-press operations The T series handles everything from skeletal scrap with and without formed parts in the web, expanded polystyrene, high impact polystyrene, to HDPE, ABS, PET, and CPET The Auger-fed granulators are designed for continuous, heavy duty applications, including runners, sprues, blow-molded scrap, small thin wall parts, and pre-cut thermoformed web For a machine that will granulate the toughest thermoforming materials with a minimum expenditure of horsepower, check out the Cumberland line of Under-The-Press granulators.