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MBM Corporation has been an industry leader in paper shredding and paper handling equipment since 1936 because of their commitment to quality products and excellent customer service. MBM Corporation’s attention to detail is clearly reflected in their state of the art machines. With over 70 years of experience under their belt, MBM manufactures products that are created with careful precision and are world renowned for their reliability.MBM produces high quality paper handling equipment that guarantees the highest level of security and performance.
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If your business wants products that are made from premium materials and the most advanced manufacturing technologies MBM is a great choice for all of your paper handling needs Triumph cutters and Kutrimmer trimmers set the industry standard with their Solingen steel and precision workmanship Triumph cutters like the 4850 EP and Kutrimmer trimmers are truly a “cut” above the rest and feature a Safety Cutting System (SCS) that protects the user both during the cutting process and while performing routine maintenance These brands along with the MBM shredders, folders/creasers, collators, bookletmakers and their support products are all held to the highest standards in safety, efficiency, quality, and productivity.