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Strip Cut Paper Shredders

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Strip cut shredders boast the highest throughput and fastest shred speeds of any type of shredder. Although some situations may call for a higher security level, you cannot beat the performance found in strip cut paper shredders. Stand alone strip cut paper shredders can reach capacities of up to 70 sheets per pass, a level of productivity that higher security levels can only dream about. And the results come quickly when paper is being pulled at up to 60 feet per minute! Also, since particles are less likely to build up in a strip cut shredder as they are in a cross cut model, there is generally less maintenance required. One clear example of this is that you don't have to keep the cutting head oiled like a cross cut shredder. Choose from our lineup of strip cut paper shredders to get the highest performance for your dollar! Be sure to contact one of our Data Destruction Specialists to learn more about our shredder models. Whitaker Brothers offers a huge selection of strip cut shredders at competitive prices from top brands such as Destroyit, MBM, Intimus, Martin Yale & Datastroyer. Strip cut shredders and can provide your home or office with the protection and assurance that you need.

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