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At Whitaker Brothers, we have a variety of commercial-grade paper shredders to help you destroy confidential and sensitive documents. Our shredders are available in all security levels, ranging from Level 1/P-1 to Level 6/P-7 High Security. Whether you are seeking a robust device for high volumes and demanding environments, or something more lightweight for home use, we have something for you.

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Paper Shredders for Government-Level Destruction Documents holding highly sensitive information, such as those held by the federal government or the military, must be permanently destroyed. For highly sensitive data protection, we recommend paper shredders with security Level P6 / P-7. These devices are NSA-approved for use at U.S. federal institutions and successfully destroy sensitive documents permanently. All of our shredders are quiet, user-friendly, and energy-efficient, thanks to features such as the Safety Protection System (SPS) and Energy Saving Mode (ESM). Our premium quality paper shredder range comes in several different styles, with a whole host of useful features and functions. We carry shredders from industry leaders such as Datastroyer, Formax, and MDM Ideal, as well as our own branded Whitaker Brothers shredders. Whether it's for professional, office, industrial, or home use, we have a shredder to suit every need. Ensure your business runs efficiently and effectively by investing in government-level cross-cut shredders and high-security paper shredders today. Paper Shredder Types: Strip-Cut, Cross-Cut, Office & Industrial Founded in 1945, Whitaker Brothers boasts more than 75 years of experience in high-security paper shredding. Our extensive experience means we understand the importance of securely destroying confidential information. We work with a variety of industries, from commercial to military, and offer a wide range of commercial shredders certified in shredding at the federal level. From Level 1/P-1 to Level 6/P-7, our outstanding assortment of commercial-grade paper shredders safeguards your data at all levels of security. Please note that nearly every Level 6/P-7 high-security shredder has been carefully tested by the NSA to guarantee that it fulfills official security requirements. The appropriate paperwork can be supplied upon purchase to verify this. Whitaker Brothers have a dedicated and experienced team of specialists who are happy to answer any questions and ensure your paper shredders are always up and running. We have factory certifications from over 30 manufacturers and can assist you in replacing or repairing a shredder part. For further information or to schedule an appointment with a technician, please visit our Service Center. Whether you need a cross-cut high-security shredder for your business or simply require more information about any of our goods or services, please do not hesitate to contact our expert team. Take advantage of Whitaker Brothers' decades of industry experience by contacting us today. FAQs What are the differences between different cut types on shredders? Commercial paper shredders are distinguished by the type of cut they produce and the level of security provided. Strip-cut shredders are the least secure form of paper shredding, as they cut paper into long horizontal strips that can be readily reassembled. On the other hand, cross-cut paper shredders cut paper both horizontally and vertically, shredding it into much smaller pieces. As a result, cross-cut paper shredders are the more secure shredding solution for businesses that regularly handle sensitive and secret information. Why should I invest in a paper shredder? Identity theft is on the rise. This means that any documents holding confidential information, such as social security numbers, credit card numbers, and other financial or health-related information, must be securely destroyed. This is particularly paramount for business owners, as they are legally obligated to securely destroy records containing this information for their customers and/or employees. What are the different shredder security levels? There are seven degrees of shredder security - Level 1/P-1 to Level 6/P-7. The smaller the particles produced by the shredder are, the higher the security level is. Which level you require is entirely dependent on the sector you work in and the type of data being handled. Level 3/P-4 and Level 6/P-7 shredders make up the majority of Whitaker Brothers' paper shredders as they offer the highest level of security. This makes them the best option for destroying highly sensitive government documents. Why do I need to oil my shredder? Regularly oiling your shredder is essential for keeping it in excellent operating order and extending its life. Shredder blades gather dust and silt from paper, which over time, settles and becomes compressed. Lubricating your shredder routinely eliminates any dust and sharpens its blades, making it easier for the cutting heads to function. Failure to lubricate shredders regularly can result in unpleasant sounds, jamming, and slower shredding. How to unjam a paper shredder Firstly, ensure the shredder is turned off and unplugged, and empty the waste bin to ensure it is not full. If the machine is still jammed, remove the top of the shredder to enable better access to its blades. Remove the paper from beneath the shredder head and the blades on the underside of the shredder. If necessary, carefully use a screwdriver to pry away the tiny fragments of paper that are trapped in there. Before continuing to feed the shredder with large numbers of sheets, double-check that everything is working properly. This can be accomplished by simply feeding a single sheet into the machine. If the machine continues to jam, lubricate the shredder with a little amount of oil and repeat the instructions above. Dispose of private and confidential information in the most secure manner conceivable with our premium quality selection below.