Collection: H Series

In order to properly destroy purgings, such as large masses of polymer materials or accumulated sheet, film or parts, a machine with special cutting capability and higher horsepower is required. Conventional units are simply not up to the task. Enter the Cumberland H Series.

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Designed for reclaiming heavy duty purgings, patties, and extremely heavy cross section material forms, the Cumberland H Series is the largest of the central granulator line The H Series, originally referred to as "Hog" granulators, are perfect for the reclamation of polymers in their heaviest and difficult forms Featuring massive, solid rotors, and a raised bed-knife cutting chamber, these difficult materials are obliterated with little effort The H Series is capable of handling purgings up to 100 pounds thanks to the superior horsepower of 200 and above, and produces particle between 0.25 and 0.375 inches This H Series promises dependability, durability, and consistent results