Collection: Commercial Office Paper Shredder

If you're looking for a quality office shredder, then you're in the right place. We are on a constant search for the world's most reliable commercial office paper shredder models. The result of our search is a list of shredders that have passed rigorous stress tests from both Whitaker Brothers technicians and our customers.

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Each shredder on this list represents an extension of ourselves as the most reliable, trust worthy, and longest lasting shredders on the market We offer models from premium shredder brands, such as Destroyit, Intimus, Datastroyer, and Fellowes Despite the long list of shredders that we have learned to trust with our customers, there is an even longer list of shredders that have not made the list due to our strong belief on quality equipment For us, shredders are more than just a plastic desk accessory, they are durable tools--machinery that companies depend on for their security When it comes to commercial office paper shredders, you can trust Whitaker Brothers to offer only the best If you need a shredder that will hold up to rigorous office use, take a look at Whitaker Brothers' mid-volume paper shredders Our NSA-approved mid-volume shredders are available in security levels 1-4.