Collection: B Series

For processing and reclaiming pipe, heavy extruded purgings, x-ray film, post-consumer baled bottles, film, and fibers, look no further than the Cumberland B Series of Central Granulators. These central granulators offer impressive throughputs, ranging from 1000 lbs to an incredible 5000 lbs per hour. The solid rotors feature an open three knife (high shear) arrangement, promising optimal cutting efficiency while the horsepower guarantees low power consumption.

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The outboard mounted, spherical roller bearings help prevent potential contamination The B Series offers an overall heavy duty construction, from the main frame, rotor, and cutting chamber This construction allows these granulators to handle heavier loads Maintenance on this machine is incredibly simple thanks to the end removable screen Overall, the rugged design and reliable cutting capability make the B Series of central granulators ideal for processing heavy-duty materials.