• The Top 10 Reasons to Own a Paper Shredder

    The easiest, safest and most cost-effective way to securely dispose of sensitive documents, credit cards and other important items is by using a paper shredder. They’re simple to use, extremely effective and get the job done with minimum hassle. A personal, office shredder or high security shredder can take the risk of identity theft, a compromi...
  • Understanding High Security Shredder Standards & Specifications

    It used to be an easy choice – simply put your sensitive document through the office shredder and your liability ended there.  Or did it?  We’ve all heard the countless stories of shred residue being reconstructed with a wealth of information gleaned from strips of spaghetti like particles.  The most infamous example of a failing […]
  • Tax Preparation Companies: What you need to protect your clients information this tax season

    It’s tax season and the first peak is headed your way. You’ve got a lot on your plate over the next through weeks. We want to help you alleviate some of that stress. We’re here to help you avoid data breaches by providing expert opinion and top of the line products.  We’ve been in business for over 70 years and we’ve been working with tax preparation companies for almost as long. We know exactly which solutions are the best choice for you.

  • What You Need To Know About Triumph Cutter Models 4850 & 5255

    The Triumph 4850 and 5255 are two of the most popular choices when looking into paper cutters. While at first glance, they appear to be very similar they both have their own features that can benefit you depending on what you are looking for. Why We Love the Triumph Cutter Line These cutters are world […]
  • Ready, Set, Cyber Monday!

    Our Cyber Monday sale goes all week! Between now and Friday, Dec. 2, 2016 receive $10 off your online order with coupon code: “10OFF” Includes: Folding Machines Degaussers Hard Drive Shredders     Must add coupon code in the comments section of order. Not applicable on GSA purchases, or purchases under $20. Please call with […]
  • Old Electronics? How to Safely Recycle Last Year’s Gadgets

    We know that rush you get when you claw apart the wrapping from your birthday or Christmas present to find the new iPhone 7 or Sony PS4 gazing at you. You spent the last month droning on about how nice the new gadget would feel at your touch, and your spouse might have had to […]
  • Optical Media Combo Shredders

    High security combination shredders have become increasingly popular over the past few years. These shredders have the ability to destroy both optical media files and paper documents. Since sensitive information is no longer stored only on paper, it’s important to have a shredder that can handle destruction of data on all mediums. Whitaker Brothers line […]
  • The UPS Stores: Their Favorite Whitaker Brothers Machines

    Whitaker Brothers has been serving UPS Stores all over the nation for many years. Take a look at some of the most popular items purchased. Since they’ve worked for UPS Stores in the past, we’re sure that they’ll work for yours, too. Triumph 5255 Paper Cutter The 5255 digital paper cutter is a fan favorite […]
  • Download Our FREE “Paper Only” Sign for High Security Shredders

    Whitaker Brothers selection of High Security Shredders feature some of the best shredders available today. Designed to shred your most secure documents to 1mm x 5mm² size particles,they are the perfect addition to your workplace to destroy sensitive information beyond repairability. All of Whitaker Brothers high security shredders are on the NSA evaluated list and […]