How much is a bale of cardboard worth

How Much Is A Bale Of Cardboard Worth? (It May Surprise You)

You’re going to learn how to save your company thousands of dollars on waste pickup by using a baling machine. 

The best part about this article is that I’m pulling together real data to show you how people are losing money in their businesses.

Keep reading if you want to see what the potential cost savings could be for your business.

So… What’s The Problem With Waste Removal Companies?

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re paying an arm and a leg to get your material hauled.

In most circumstances, a large company will charge you a much larger amount than a smaller company.

Even if you do business with a smaller company, they are most likely profiting more than you think they are for taking care of your waste.

The truth is that your waste is valuable, and the haulers are usually profiting off of removing your waste and selling it.

Not only are they profiting from every pickup, but they do so on a weekly or monthly basis.

As time goes by, so many companies allow money to evaporate away without realizing the value which they are missing.

Why Don’t More People Recycle Their Waste?

Recycling Rates Across US And Europe

In the chart above, you can see one thing that sticks out like a sore thumb!

In the United States, most of our waste is going to a landfill rather than getting recycled.

Part of this problem is due to the mindset of “getting rid of our trash.”

When waste is looked at as something that we want to get rid of, the value is ignored.

Here lies a tremendous opportunity for you to create cash savings and save the Earth at the same time.

How Does A Baler Fit Into Waste Removal?

Cardboard Recycling Process

A baler will decrease the cost of your waste immediately because you’re commoditizing what you would otherwise be seen as garbage.

Here’s An Example:
Let’s say that you have a 6-yard dumpster that costs $125.00 per week for pickup.

That will total $500.00 per month and $6,000 per year.

If your waste was baled with an HSM V-Press 825 Plus, the waste that was in the 6-yard dumpster would get compressed to approximately 3 bales.

A waste management pickup service costs $100.00-$150.00 per pickup for 6-15 bales.

So… what does that mean???

It means that by using a baler, you could reduce your pickups to a minimum of once every 5 months if you have the storage space. 

At a rate of up to 15 bales 3 times per year, you would shave at least $5,550 per year from your waste pickup bill!

If you don’t have much storage space and had to go with the minimum pickup rate of 6 bales per pickup, the cost savings would still be immense.

At a rate of 6 bales every 2 months, the cost savings would be at least $5,100.00 per year.
How Much Is A Bale Of Cardboard Worth?

Cardboard is going anywhere from $10.00-$70.00 per bale depending on your geographic location.

At a pickup rate of 6 bales for pickup, you could earn anywhere from $60.00 to $420 per pickup.

Baling your cardboard could either offset pickup costs significantly or even generate a small stream of revenue for your company.

What Are The Cost Savings For My Business?

Cardboard balers are ideal for a couple of different business models.

Model #1: Low Volume Of Material Per Location – with a Centralized Consolidation Point

Model #2: High Volume Of Material Collected In One Location

Let’s use the example above to visualize what the cost savings would look like over a 10 year period of time:

Save Money Recycling Cardboard

This example shows what you can save with the minimum necessary volume.

You can see that the yearly savings are enough to pay for an employees’ salary!

But… what if you have double the volume for the location?

You’d be saving $50,800 instead.

Well… what if you manage 10 locations that need balers?

You’d have a 10-year cost saving of approximately $254,000 to $508,000.00.

How Is It Possible To Save Money Immediately?

From the graphic above, you could see that it could take a year or two for a cardboard baler to pay for itself.

The truth is that if you want it to save you money right off the bat, an HSM V-Press 820 Plus can be financed for only $353.00 per month.

With financing, it’s possible to lessen the load financially for the first few years and have pure savings for 5+ more years.

We hope that we have answered the question, “How much is a bale of cardboard worth?” and how much a cardboard baler could save your company.

Tips And Tools For Turning Cardboard Into Cash

In this article, we showed you a few examples of what you could expect to save or earn with a cardboard baler.

Here are 3 calculators that Zoe Liang at Whitaker Brothers has created that can help you predict your cost savings with a cardboard baler:

How Much Is A Bale Of Cardboard Worth: Revenue Calculator
HSM V-Press 860 Baler ROI Calculator
HSM V-Press 860 Plus B ROI Calculator

If you want to talk to an expert rather than do the math, go ahead and contact us here to get an estimate of what a cardboard baler could save you.

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