Phiston Mediavise V-Spike Rackmount SSD Destroyer

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Basic Specs of the Phiston MediaVise V-Spike Rackmount SSD Destroyer

  • Compact and portable SSD destroyer (footprint of only 22.5" x 9.5". and 16" tall). Safe for deployment in offices and data centers, on a mobile rack or on a truck.
  • Media destruction can be performed in-house, at source, so the media never leaves your custody intact, or entrusted to a contractor
  • Simple, user friendly, 2-step, automated operation
  • No special adapters needed for power or for crushing various solid-state media
  • Crushing plates never need to be sharpened or replaced
  • Multi-sector pulsed electrical jolts that target and disable sensitive electronic components of SSD media

Description of the Phiston MediaVise V-Spike Rackmount SSD Destroyer

Power and space conservation are the two major factors in the Phiston Rackmount V-Spike SSD Destroyer. Redesigning the V-Spike SSD into a rackmount option will be essential to highly technical industries such as data centers and server rooms. The integrated V-Spike technology into this rackmounted option will not only ensure a space-saving option for SSD destruction, but also it will be extremely accurate. Phiston’s V-Spike technology equips a shocking electrical bolt that kills all the electrical components of solid state drives, such as memory chips. The electrical jolt occurs while the two crushing plates of 187 interlocking teeth push together to puncture and break the solid state drive. And just as before, Phiston promises a patented performance of a 20 ton force that compresses and mangles solid state drives beyond recovery. All with a HEPA filtration system that ensures safety from breathing harmful SSD debris.

Aside from HEPA filtration systems that save users from breathing harmful destruction debris, Phiston also made this an easy, hands-off operation. All that is required is that you 1) insert the device and 2) press crush. The noise suppression elements make this machine certified by OSHA as safe for the workplace. Plus the automatic shut off feature when the item is not in use allows for electrical conservation. All in all, this is a great machine to take on your high volume SSD destruction needs!

Built-in Worker and Environmental Health and Safety features:

  • Fully automated, hands-off operation for user safety
  • Debris accumulates in collection bin until safely disposed of
  • HEPA Filtration system traps any potentially harmful airborne particulates from the crushing and shattering of circuit boards, electronic components, and silicon-based memory and integrated circuit chips.
  • RFI and EMI Suppression to minimize interference with other electronic equipment in the vicinity
  • Noise suppression to 65db which is much quieter than the 85db threshold acceptable to OSHA for workplace
  • Machine automatically powers off to conserve energy
Full crushing cycle time
Media Accepted Dedicated SSD destroyer, cell phones, circuit boards, memory chips. 
Max media size
Debris Collection Debris is ejected directly into the included collection drawer that holds up to 75 destroyed SSDs. 
Maintenance/ Longevity
Machine weight  180 lbs
Machine Dimensions
Shipping weight 245 lbs
Shipping Dimensions
Power Requirements (voltage/frequencey/current) 110 volts A.C. ± 10%, 50/60HZ, 15 Amps