Akiles WBM-532 Modular Wire Closer

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Product code: AKIWBM532

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Basic Specs of the Akiles WBM-532

  • 14" binding length with open throat
  • Stand-alone design
  • Wire Closer Control
  • Built-in wire holder
  • Diameter size selector

Description of the Akiles WBM-532

The WBM-532 is a stand-alone modular wire closer that easily allows you to close any and all standard binding wires (3/16” to 1 ¼” in diameter) without fuss. Once you have punched sheets, the WBM-532 will help insert pages and bind wires. It holds your wire for easy sheet inserting and completes the binding process with ease. Its all metal construction and heavy duty design delivers a lasting performance for your office needs.

Use the built-in diameter size selector measures your paper stack and indicates the best wire size for you. Close your wires using the smooth handle to engage the vertical closing mechanism. Even close any length longer than 14” with its open-ended closing channel. Wire closing control makes for the perfect close. Gradually adjust the wire closer to ensure a perfect result for any type of wire. Since it is not attached to a punching component, the WBM-532 can be moved to work alongside any punching equipment to work in tandem and increase productivity and efficiency. Easy to use, affordable, and versatile, the WBM-532 is an ideal piece for flexible and efficient wire binding.

Manufacturer Name Akiles
Weight 27
Shipping Weight 30.0000
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