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Stevenson K108 Shrinkmaster Shrink Wrap Machine

Stevenson Industries | SKU: STVSHRINKMASTER

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List Price: $3,495.00

Our Price: $3,320.25

Quick Overview

Features of the Shrinkmaster

  • Efficient, conveyor shrink tunnel
  • Shrink wraps up to 20" x 13" x 5"
  • Heavy -duty stand included
  • automatic hole punch for air escape
  • Adjustable separator for easy film handling
  • Smoke-Free impulse sealing with self-compensation assures strong, tough seals with all films
  • Unique energy saving, convection shrink tunnel outperforms old fashion 220 volt bulky tunnels
  • Runs on 110 volts for immediate use
  • Designed for easy, Do-It-Yourself servicing

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Description of the Stevenson Shrinkmaster

If you are looking for a fully integrated solution for your shrink-wrapping needs, the Shrinkmaster is an ideal solution. With a generous maximum package size of 20" x 13" x 5" this unit can become a go to solution for any sort of setting that uses high volume shrink-wrapping on a daily basis. The way that the Shrinkmaster operates is remarkably simple. The item to be wrapped is placed on the stand. The clear film is laid over the item using the bar sealer, and then the entire item is sent through the tunnel to be completely sealed in a matter of moments. The Shrinkmaster is designed to deliver reliable performance while asking for only minimal maintenance and upkeep. It uses a basic 120 volt outlet to function and is remarkably safe for even first time users.

The process is simple and fast, and all packages will exit from the tunnel and into any sort of container desired. The exit chute is at an appropriate height for standard tabletops but might also be positioned over a typical mailing bin or transfer cart to enable rapid shrink wrapping procedures of volume jobs. The Shrinkmaster can handle up to 500 packages per hour, and is an ideal solution for printing firms, groups that tackle binding work, and form printing firms that need to package sequential orders together. There is a manual component to this machine, so per hour quotas do depend on the individual's proficiency with the machinery. Fortunately, the design of this machine ensures that rapid fired sealing can occur with only minimal training. Switching out empty film spools is remarkably fast as well, and that really is the only maintenance or upkeep required of this unit.

The entire system requires only a small amount of floor space and this makes it a good choice for any firm that has a need for high quality and high volume shrink wrapping, but the affordability of this model also makes it the perfect solution for firms that do not do massive amounts of sealing as well. It is safe and easy to use, will provide crystal clear packaging for many different types of items and materials, and doesn't ask for a great deal of training or upkeep to function at optimal levels for many years. This unit is a solid solution for any shrink wrapping needs and is sure to please.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Name Stevenson Industries
Model # Shrinkmaster
Depth 84"
Width 32"
Weight 250 lbs
Height 36"
Shipping Weight 250.0000
Shipping Length 84"
Shipping Width 32"
Shipping Height 36"

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