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Martin Yale 1217A Paper Folder

Martin Yale | SKU: MYL1217A

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List Price: $2,099.00

Our Price: $1,045.00

Quick Overview

Features of the 1217A Martin Yale Folder

  • 10,300 sh/hr (sheets per hour)
  • Fold Capabilities: Letter, Single, Z, Double, Parallel, French, and Baronial
  • Handles sheet sizes from 3.5 inches by 4 inches to 11.37 inches by 18 inches and 16 pound bond to 120 index
  • Uncomplicated adjustments for processing letter (8.5 inch by 11 inch), legal (8.5 inch by 14 inch), and ledger (11 inch by 17 inch) sized paper.
  • Fully modifiable fold plates
  • First fold adjustable within a 2 inch to 11.5 inch range
  • Second fold adjustable within a 1.5 inch to 5.75 inch range
  • Fully equipped to customize a second folding pass
  • Rubber rollers create neat and even professional folds every time
  • Sturdy exit conveyor belt system
  • Excellent longevity and durability
  • Perfect for small business operations (e.g. home office, community centers, churches, education facilities)

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Video Demo of the 1217A Manual Paper Folder


Description of the 1217A Manual Paper Folder

The Martin Yale 1217A Medium Duty Auto Folder is one of the most popular folding machines for churches, schools, and medium to large mailrooms on the market. This machine is built for reliability, convenience, and overall longevity. Constructed with high impact steel side frames this paper folder was designed with sturdiness and dependability in mind. Made in the USA, Martin Yale also guarantees the durability and lifespan of any of their machine’s part for one full year and will replace or repair any parts broken under normal use.

The 1217A folder is 21.25’’ tall, 17’’ wide, 13’’ deep, and 64 pounds. While this model is larger than other popular paper folders, the 1217A compensates with a wide array of other convenient features not available on other models. For example, the 1217A folds up to 10,300 sheets per hour, much faster than the 1501X AutoFolder. It also has a 250 sheet feed tray capacity and takes paper sizes from 4’’x4’’ to 12’’x18’’, which includes the standard letter size and legal sized paper.

This model has four standard folds: letter, half, z-fold, and double parallel, but it also has easily adjustable fold plates for custom folds. In fact, it has an adjustable fold range of 2’’ and 11.5’’ for the first fold and 1.5’’ and 5.75’’ on the second fold. In addition, this paper folder is capable of folding multiple papers (generally stapled) simultaneously and is fully adjustable for a second folding pass with the manual bypass.

The 1217A Auto Folder also comes with a 3 conveyor belt system which feeds the papers into the machine and dispenses them in neatly fanned stacks, preventing nesting and allowing for convenient and easy handling. The large rubber rollers also provide consistent paper feeding and produces a tight, finished fold.

Another convenient feature of the 1217A Paper Folder is the reversible motor. This feature was pioneered by Martin Yale and the 1217A is still one of the few folding machines with this feature. The reversible motor allows the user to prevent and fix paper jams, extending the life of the machine and saving the user time and frustration.

Overall, the Martin Yale 1217A 12x17 Paper Folder is one of the best deals on the market. It has all the basic features as well as some additional convenient specifications, all for a very reasonable price. The durability and user friendliness of the 1217A Folder is what makes this model one of the most popular folding machines for organizations such as businesses, nonprofits, schools, and churches.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Name Martin Yale
Model # 1217A
Feed Type Friction-fed
Fold Adjustment Setting Manual fold adjustment
Feed Tray Capacity Up to 250
Fold Speed 10,300 sheets/hour
Fold Types Half Fold, Letter Fold (Tri), Z Fold, Double Parallel Fold, Right Angle Fold, Baronial Fold
Pre-programmed Standard Folds 6
Accepted Paper Sizes 3 1/2'' x 4'' to 11 3/4'' x 18''
Accepted Paper Weights 16 to 120 lbs.
Weight 64 lbs.
Height 17''
Width 42''
Depth 17 1/2''
Voltage 115 Volts; other voltages available

UPC 011991012170
Shipping Weight 64.0000
Shipping Length 23
Shipping Width 28
Shipping Height 20

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No longer a good buy , 3/28/14
I have ten years of experience with the Yale 1217 and just moved to a 1711 on the advice of Whitaker. They asked me to give my experiences.

I give it high marks for durability and it seems easy to repair. But now that I'm using a more up-to-date paper folder I realize just how far the technology has come.

It's like living for 20 years with an abacus, but then using a calculator for the first time. You don't hate the abacus but you could never recommend it over the calculator.
Read the reviews , 2/25/14
By PhoenixRepro
Why didn't I read the reviews? This thing is noisy and it misfeeds constantly. Save yourself a lot of headache and get the Martin Yale 1711. I had to pay all of the shipping costs related to the swap so it was an expensive lesson but I'm so much happier. This paper folder was probably awesome back in 1970 when it was introduced but now it needs to be retired.
Fan Feed Still Exists? , 12/9/13
By Tom781
I can't believe fan feeding still exists in the year 2013. You can do way better especially for the money.
Loud and hard to use , 11/22/13
By 3882721
Do not recommend. Hard to feed hard to adjust and hard to use.
Love/Hate , 7/2/13
By HicksUMC
I really have a love hate relationship with this paper folder - it's a perfect 3/5 for me. It's not easy to use or easy to feed but it's cheap if you want to fold heavy paper. Ours is about a year old now and it gets noisier every day. I'm starting to think I should be budgeting for a brand new one next year. I thought fanning paper had gone by the wayside years ago with the new paper folders but that's not the case for this one! But there is somethign to be said about a folding machine for 1000 bucks that can do the heavy paper. If it wasn't for this machine we would need to spend three times more money.
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  • Is the MartinYale 1217A offerred for $1,075 a new, refurbushed or remanufactured paper-folder machine? This is less than the price you have on Amazon. Thank you.
    Amazon charges a hefty fee for all sales that go through their website, so we have to pass that on to any products that customers purchase through Amazon. However this is a brand new machine direct from the manufacturer.
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