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Disintegrators & Granulators

Whitaker Brothers has the solution for your high volume destruction needs, including High Security/Level 6 requirements, with the Datastroyer® line of data destruction disintegrators. Our models are NSA evaluated and listed on the NSA EPL as meeting NSA/CSS Specification 02-02 for High Security Disintegrators and NSA/CSS Specifications 04-02 for Optical Media (CDs, DVDs, and keytape).

Whitaker Brothers disintegrators are the ONLY models available with standard features like NEMA 12 electrical controls, totally-enclosed/fan-cooled motors (TEFC), fully enclosed/sound-proof bases, and high chrome/high carbon D2 steel knives. We have powerful models with a small footprint, perfect for location in tight operating areas, and we have large systems capable of destroying up to 14,000 pounds per hour. Unique applications aren’t a problem, either; with a variety of screen sizes we can destroy just about anything from documents to soft metals. Upgrades in horsepower and evacuation systems can help you maximize the productivity of your disintegrator system.

Rugged dependability, quality engineering, and options that can be customized to meet your specific needs - all of these features are part of a Datastroyer® disintegrator from Whitaker Brothers. Our combination of experience, superior products, and technical support have made us the leader in destruction solutions around the world for over 65 years. Give us the opportunity to meet your unique destruction requirements today!


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  • GSA Available
    Datastroyer DCS 100 Disintegrator

    Datastroyer® DCS 100 Disintegrator

    List Price: $9,789.00

    Our Price: $9,000.00

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  • GSA Available
    Datastroyer DCS 300 Light Office Disintegrator

    Datastroyer® DCS 300 Light Office Disintegrator

    List Price: $11,634.00

    Our Price: $11,630.00

  • GSA Available
    Datastroyer 120 Data Disintegrator

    Datastroyer® 120 Data Disintegrator


  • GSA Available
    Datastroyer 145 Disintegrator

    Datastroyer® 145 Disintegrator


  • GSA Available
    Datastroyer 210 Disintegrator

    Datastroyer® 210 Disintegrator


  • GSA Available
    Datastroyer 225 Disintegrator

    Datastroyer® 225 Disintegrator


  • GSA Available
    Datastroyer 240 Disintegrator

    Datastroyer® 240 Disintegrator


  • GSA Available
    Datastroyer 320 Data Disintegrator

    Datastroyer® 320 Data Disintegrator


  • GSA Available
    Datastroyer Model 1000 Disintegrator

    Datastroyer® Model 1000 Disintegrator

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13 Item(s)

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