Cutting Sticks for Triumph Cutters 3905, 3915 (12 pack)

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Product code: MBM0677

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Description of the Cutting Sticks for Triumph Cutters 3905, 3915

These cutter sticks can be used for either the Triumph 3905 paper cutter or the Triumph 3915 paper cutter. The polyurethane cutter sticks can be easily be rotated or changed from the outside of the Triumph cutters, without removing the machine covers. The sticks have eight sides and have a considerable life-span. It is always a good idea to have spare cutting sticks on hand in case your other cutter stick becomes unusable. These Triumph cutting sticks for the 3905 and 3915 come in a pack of 12.

Manufacturer Name MBM
Weight 2.000
Width 17 7/8
Shipping Weight 2.0000
Shipping Length 18.5
Shipping Width 2
Shipping Height 1.5
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