For the best in high volume destruction and bulk reduction, disintegrators and granulators reign supreme.  Whether you are destroying bulk paper, CDs/DVDs, plastics, fabric, or soft metals, we can recommend a disintegrator to meet any requirement!  But what is a disintegrator?  How does it work? This article briefly highlights the key facts, explaining all you need to know about disintegrators and granulators.

Essentially, a disintegrator is a rotary knife mill, designed specifically to destroy bulk items and paper.  Disintegrators can destroy almost anything: paper, CDs/DVDs, keytape, fabric, bulky plastics, and light metals.  Choosing a disintegrator may seem daunting at first; in reality, making a decision is incredibly easy.  However, it is important to know the facts before delving into the selection process.  For example, you need to know the approximate amount of materials you’ll be destroying per hour.  You’ll also need to know how many times per week you will be using the machine.  After determining the volume and usage, you can select a corresponding disintegrator that will handle your estimated pounds per hour.  Maybe you’ll require a disintegrator with a higher horsepower or 5 rotary knives compared to just 3.  Once you have chosen an appropriate disintegrator or granulator to meet your needs, you’ll want to choose an evacuation system.

Although these machines may look complicated, operation is extremely simple.  Start by placing your materials into the feed chute or have them conveyor fed.  For convenience, we recommend pairing one of our Datastroyer disintegrators with a conveyor.  A conveyor system will give you the freedom to load multiple items for destruction rather than one piece at a time.  Once you’ve loaded your materials into the chute, they drop into the destruction chamber where they are immediately torn to shreds.  Depending upon which model you choose, 3 or 5 high chrome, high carbon D2 steel knives mounted on a heavy-duty rotor spin with such inertia to create a sheering action.  These rotary knives are located deep within the disintegrator to ensure safe operation.  Rotary knives are specially heat-treated to guarantee durability and longevity.  As the rotary knives spin, they pass stationary bed 2 knives, which help to cut items down to a very small particle size.  This sheering action continues until your materials are broken down enough to pass through the screen.  Our Datastroyer models offer a variety of screen sizes, perfect for breaking down any material, from documents to soft metals.  The 3/32” screen meets NSA/CSS Specification 02-02 for High Security Disintegrators and NSA/CSS Specifications 04-02 for Optical Media and 04-01 for Keytape destruction.  All of our Datastroyer models offer this screen size and are featured on the NSA Evaluated Products List.  After passing through the screen, your granulated materials are vacuumed out by the hose and evacuated into a variety of collection systems.

While other disintegrators/granulators only offer partial soundproofing, Datastroyer disintegrators offer a fully enclosed base with integrated soundproofing.  This complete housing of these components ensures quieter operation and fewer disturbances.  Most of our disintegrators feature an open rotor design, which allows increased airflow for reduced heat, higher throughput and productivity, and easier access for service work.  Other standard Datastroyer features include reversible bed-knives, which double the lifespan of the knives for reduced sharpening costs, and NEMA 12 Controls.  As the highest rating available, Nema 12 Controls provide increased operator safety and protection of your equipment.  With a small footprint, our Datastroyer models are ideal in tight and confined operating areas.  A disintegrator should be reliable both internally and externally.  The heavy duty steel construction and cast iron casing ensures rugged dependability and endurance.  Our Datastroyer line offers various sized disintegrators and granulators accommodating size and throughput needs.  To learn more about our Datastroyer line of disintegrators and granulators, speak to one of our data destruction specialists for an expert consultation.

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